Building Industry
We supply safety garments
that comply with the
Australian Safety Standards.
Produce Industry
We supply garments to suit
your workplace requirements
for all working conditions.
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Looking for quality uniform solutions?


We provide you with solution to suit your business needs from corporate wear, promotional apparel and accessories that enhance your corporate image and business profile. We cover all departments with the right uniform ensuring comfort and style. 

Gear For Life


We supply you with uniforms for your industry, decorate and deliver them to you. We are an all in one supplier of uniforms, decorating your logo on the garments using embroidery, screen printing and transfers. Stating your corporate image. 


Our goal is to supply you with reliable garments and services. We also care about the environment and supply Eco-friendly bags, headwear and apparel.

Industries We Supply


We are a company that have supplied the wholesale and retail industry since 2006 with uniforms built for comfort and working condition.

Shirts, Polos, Jackets, Jumpers, Vests and Hi Vis Garments.

Restaurant Industry

We supply a range of garments for the hospitality industry from kitchen to table uniforms with the latest designs and durability.

Chef’s Jackets, Bib & Waist Aprons, Shirts, Tees.

Building Industry

We have supplied the building industry since 2006 with uniforms that comply with the Australian Safety Standards.

Hi Vis Polos, Tees, Vests, Jumpers, Jackets and more.

Services We Provide

J Gear Sets Higher Standards.

Embroidery services

To ensure you get the most out of your product, our embroidery service will help you promote your brand and state your corporate image with Tone on Tone and Colour coordinate your corporate colours.

Screen Printing services

We use only high-grade quality inks directly imported from premium suppliers, our ink mixer is a specialist in mixing the right inks to insure that our desired colour is matched which reflects the quality of workmanship of our printing service.

Transfers & Numbers Services

A great way to not only decorate full colour images on garments. Our product is very exclusive providing commercial grade characteristics ensuring colour vibrancy and durability.